Take your chance and join UN simulation in Brno – muniMUN!


The purpose of muniMUN is to obtain a better understanding of international issues and the system behind the international organizations throughout educational, challenging and enjoyable simulations of United Nations bodies and committees.

During the simulations and conferences delegates are forced to think creatively, negotiate, and collaborate in order to solve the problem with which they are presented. We believe that constructive debate today can lead to solutions tomorrow. The communication and negotiation skills, the understanding of international environment as well as the importance of reaching a compromise are important and challenging skills that students should obtain before they start their work career.

The simulations are presided and conducted by Chairs and Co-Chairs who make sure that sessions are in accordance with the MUN’s Rules of Procedure, a simplified version of the actual Rules of Procedure that apply for the United Nations.

Education is the most important aim of muniMUN, but one simply cannot forget that people learn the most through informal education, team-building and workshops. With various social events, a special atmosphere that is of crucial importance in this kind of simulation will be created among participants.

The organizers are delighted that the participants from all over the world will join us. We’re expecting around 45 delegates, each representing one member country. One of the objectives of muniMUN is also to entangle Czech Republic and its youngsters in a political discussion about issues of the international community. Moreover, we will do our best to present the Czech culture and tradition, from interesting history to indulging culinary.

The MUNIMUN is going to be held since 18th till 22nd June in Brno, capital of Moravia, which is located in the east Czech Republic. The place of session is Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Sciences building, on Jostova 10 ( see the map). It is in the city center, with lots of cafeterias and pubs, and easy transportation.

The participation fee is 50€ per person, and it includes: program for participants, food for 5 days (two hot meals per day, plus snacks and drinks through the meeting), diplomatic ball, guided trip in Brno, tickets for public transport. If you have special food or movement requirements we will try to manage your needs.

! The transportation to the place of conference and accommodation is not included in the participation fee! But we can get you free couch through couchsurfing, or offer you a discount for accommodation in student hostel.

If there will be interest, we would also like to organize a guided trip to Prague during the weekend after the session. For any questions, contact our PR team at: info.munimun@gmail.com.

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