About us

Security Outlines is a unique Czecho-Slovak think-tank dedicated to providing insights into contemporary security issues, both national and international, through rigorous research, resulting in commentaries, interviews, and analyses. Beyond its publication activities, Security Outlines actively fosters dialogue by organising various events such as discussions, roundtables, and conferences hosting experts in the field. These initiatives aim to enrich the public discourse and elevate awareness of critical security matters within Czech and Slovak societies.

The official publisher of our papers is Security Outlines, z.s., publishing under the International Standard Serial Number ISSN 2533-4018.

What we do

Security Outlines’ core activity is publishing various research papers and articles – analytic reports, commentaries, and studies. They are accompanied by interviews, essays and the newsletter SO Brief.

We are engaged in the organisation of public debates and expert conferences in the Czech Republic (like the cyber-security conference CyberCon, hosted by the National Cyber and Information Security Agency) and abroad (like the conference Contemporary Regional Security in the Horn of Africa, co-hosted with our partner organisation, the HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies).

Since 2021, we have been publishing our podcast, [de]brief, where we discuss not only contemporary international affairs, but we dive into a deep analysis of specific security issues with

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to bring security-related issues closer to the public, providing clear context and understanding through rigorous research and analysis. This way, we strive to fill the gap often occurring in the Czech and Slovak media. Through collaboration with academic institutions and thought leadership, we aim to nurture the next generation of security experts.

Our vision is to help foster a society where information on security issues is accessible and comprehensible to all, contributing to an informed and resilient Czech and Slovak populace. We aspire to cultivate professional growth among young researchers and enhance public debate on security challenges facing our society today.


Security Outlines’ additional objective is to create a welcoming environment for young researchers and help them advance their professional careers. To achieve this, we have established a close cooperation through an internship program with the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University, the Institute of Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University, and with the University of Matej Bel in Banská Bystrica.

Besides our regular cooperation with NUKIB, we partner with the leading Czech think-tank Association for International Affairs (AMO). Moreover, during our partnership with the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, we arranged interviews with high-profile guests like President Petr Pavel, academic and TV host Vaclav Moravec and former Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs Alexandr Vondra. Lastly, we are grateful for our international partnership with the HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our team

Mgr. et Mgr. Veronika Čáslavová, Chief Executive Director (caslavova@securityoutlines.cz)

Bc. Dávid Dinič, Deputy Director and Editor-in-Chief (dinic@securityoutlines.cz)

Mgr. Tomáš Zwiefelhofer, Deputy Director and Project Manager (zwiefelhofer@securityoutlines.cz)

Former members

This project would be not possible without effort and devotion of people who contributed to the work of magazine in the past.

Former editors-in-chief:

Adam Sitko (September 2022 – August 2023), Martin Blecha (July 2021 – August 2022), Veronika Čáslavová (August 2020 – July 2021), Jiří Maixner (May 2019 – August 2020), Jakub Maděránek (June 2017 – May 2019), Michal Myklín (August 2015 – June 2017), Martin Brožík (September 2014 – August 2015), Juraj Nosál (August 2012 – September 2014), Michal Mádl (January 2010- August 2012), Barbora Winterová, Petr Kupka.

Former editors:

Jan Skoch, Michaela Klíčníková, Ondřej Macháček, Tomáš Kaválek, Zuzana Gruberová, Martina Ulmanová, Peter Števkov, Alena Hrušková, Barbora Jelínková, David Jehlička, Jan Ondrášek, Ján Kapusňak, Zbyněk Moltaš, Ondřej Urbánek, Viktor Vodák, David Rypel, Veronika Netolická, Filip Šebok, Pavel Vinkler, Silvie Janičatová, Tomáš Zwiefelhofer, Daria Glukhova, Pavel Hanosek, Denis Jansta, Barbora Valíková, Kristýna Svrdlinová, Matyáš Bajer, Michaela Prucková.

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